BikkhatoBD is an information-sharing platform that helps people to learn about Bangladesh. Most likely a Travelling guide and all district information that knowledge is important for all people in Bangladesh.

Who We Are

Our dedicated team of three persons ( Ahsan Shahriar, Riazul , Fatema ) is passionate about helping the learning people and guiding all travelers, and providing information and proper guidelines. Since our founding on 30 November 2022, BikkhatoBD has enabled 39k + Bangladeshi children, young and old people, and also Indians around the world by creating user-friendly content blogs.

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Our Website Declaration

This website does not publish anything against any person, society, religion, or community. If any such content is erroneously published and you believe that such information is on the Internet, Kindly request to inform us if any of these issues arise.

You can let us know through the Contact Us page of this website or by direct message on our social media. We will definitely re-examine the matter and try to take proper and proper action.