Jamalpur Express Train schedule time and train route 2023

Today we will know about the schedule of all trains in Jamalpur, especially the Jamalpur Express train schedule. Also, we will able to know about the new time and new train route ticket price. So stay with us.

Jamalpur Express train is one of the most luxurious trains in Bangladesh. For those people who want to go to the Mymensingh division especially the Jamalpur district the Jamalpur Express will be helpful for safe traveling.

Jamalpur Express train schedule 2023

The Jamalpur Express was inaugurated by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 26 January 2020.

  • As per the new schedule 2023, this train is running from Dhaka to Mymensingh Road. As per the schedule, this train leaves Dhaka at 10:30 AM and reaches Jamalpur at 2:25 PM. On the other hand, it leaves Jamalpur at 7:15 PM and reaches Dhaka at 11:30 PM.

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Jamalpur Express Train schedule
Jamalpur Express Train schedule

Jamalpur’s all-intercity train

Train NameOff dayFromDepartureToArrival
Tista ExpressMondayJamalpur11:33Dewangang Bazar12:40
Tista ExpressMondayJamalpur16:00Dhaka20:10
Bhrammaputra ExpressNoJamalpur22:31Dewangang Bazar23:50
Bhrammaputra ExpressNoJamalpur07:35Dhaka12:30
Jamuna ExpressNoJamalpur21:30Tarakandi22:30
Jamuna ExpressNoJamalpur03:15Dhaka07:40
jamalpur train schedule 2023

Train schedule 2022

  • Jamalpur express leaves Jamalpur at 5.45 pm and reaches Dhaka at 11.30
  • Jamalpur Express leaves Dhaka at 10:30 a.m. and reaches Jamalpur at 4.05 p.m.

Jamalpur Express train ticket price

Many of us don’t know about the Jamalpur Express train schedule and its ticket prices. It is very easy to buy Jamalpur tickets online. For your convenience, it’s ticket prices are discussed below:

  • The ticket price is for Jamalpur Express is: AC- 520tk, Snigdha- 420tk, First_Birth- 440tk, First_Seat- 295tk and Shovon Chair coach price is 220Tk from Jamalpur Town Railway Jn. It may differ from station to station.
Jamalpur Express time
Jamalpur Express time

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Seat CatagoryTicket price
AC520 tk
Snigdha420 tk
First Birth440 tk
First seat295 tk
Shovon Chair220 tk
Shovon185 tk
ticket price with 15% VAT

Jamalpur Express train off day

Basically the off day of Jamalpur Express train is Sunday. But in all others working day from Monday to Saturday it continously run from the road Dhaka to Vuapur and Vuapur to Dhaka respectively.

jamalpur express train schedule dhaka to jamalpur

Station nameDepartureArrival
Jamalpur7:15 PM11:30 PM
Dhaka10.30 AM2:25 PM
Train Off Day

Jamalpur Express train stoppage

We already know the schedule and ticket price of the Jamalpur Express train. Now we will know when the Jamalpur Express train stops at which station.

From Eid ul Adha 2013 Jamalpur Express changes its Road now this upadated train stoppage is: Bhuapur, Hemnagar, Advocate motiur Rahman, Tarakandhi, Sarishabari, Jamalpur town. Mymensingh, Gaforgaon, Joydevpur, Airport and Dhaka.

Jamalpur express train scheduleUptimeDown Time
Dhaka10:30 AM11.30 PM
Biman Bandor11:02 AM11:00 PM
Joydebpur11:33 AM—–
Gaforgaon12:34 PM9:25 PM
Mymensingh1:22 PM8:38 PM
Bidyaganj1:58 PM—–
Narundi2:18 PM—–
Jamalpur Town2:35 PM7:13 PM
Sarishabari3:29 PM6:22 PM
Adv. Matiur Rahman—–—–
Bhuapur—–5:10 PM
New Time 2023


Question: Which day is the off day of Jamalpur express ?

Answer: Jamalpur express off day is Sunday.

Question: When Jamalpur express arrive Dhaka ?

Answer: from starting and from now Jumbo Express arrives Dhaka at 11:30 p.m. On the other hand It leaves Dhaka at 10:30 a.m. Without Sunday.

Question: How to buy online ticket online ?

Answer: To bye Jamalpur Express train online ticket you have to login first at eticket.railway.gov.bd . After login you have to set the destination and seat selection. When you paid online payment throughBikash Nagod or rocket you can be print your online ticket.

Question: Jamalpur express train route ?

Answer: The Updated route is Dhaka>> Biman bondor>> Joydevpur>> Gaforgaon>> Mymenshing>> Narundi>> Jamalpur town>> Sarisabari>> and finally Hemnagoar and Vuapur.

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